Fiddlehead Farm
Cabbages and Market Sign

About Us

Phil and Abbie Deloria

Why We Farm

We are working to strengthen our local food economy, build healthy soil, and increase respect for the earth. We believe sharing delicious and nutritious food with our neighbors builds community.

Our Produce

Our gardens produce a wide range of kitchen vegetables and herbs designed to satisfy the palette of the consumer who wishes to eat safe, fresh, local, delicious and nutritious food in season.

We are certified USDA Organic by the Midwest Organic Services Association. We use compost, mineral amendments, and crop rotation including cover crops to build a healthy soil environment that produces exceptionally nutritious food. We are honored and delighted to be be stewards of this small piece of the earth. We love making vegetables happen in a fashion that promotes the health of our soil, watershed, and community.

Find our farm stand at the Harbor Springs Farmers Market!

Arts & Handcrafts

Handwoven Scarf

Goldsworthy Stole, 2010

Abigail Deloria

Fiber Artist

Artist's statement: I am fascinated by fabric. Creating fabric from raw materials, using methods that have been employed for hundreds, even thousands, of years, is compelling to me. There is something satisfying in the rhythmic and meditative process of throwing the shuttle and beating the weft, in keeping the wheel spinning, drafting the fiber, and pausing to wind on the yarn. Ancient methods that today seem to have limitations in fact provide endless possibilities, offering a lifetime of exploration and serendipitous discovery.

Handwoven Tea Towelowel

Hand Woven Tea Towels, 2017

Abigail studied studio art while receiving her Bachelor of Art degree at Wheaton College in Illinois. She acted as Secretary for the Range Fiber Art Guild in rural Minnesota, helped found the annual Tip of the Mitt Fiber Fair in Petoskey, and is a member of the Lake Charlevoix Fiber Art Guild and the Michigan League of Handweavers. She has won awards for her weaving and frequently demonstrates weaving and spinning at cultural events. She posts her latest projects and inspiration as @abbieweaves on Instagram. Find out more about her work at her fiber art website.

Abigail's Art Site

Philip Deloria

Oil Painter, Bookbinder

Artist's statement: I like to go outside.

Miller Barn

Miller Barn, oil on panel, 2012

Philip enjoys being a market gardener because it permits him to spend a lot of time outside. He also likes to paint outside. In the winter, he likes to make books. Learn more about Philip's work at his art website.

Hand Bound Book

Hand Bound Sketchbook, 2010

Philip's Art Site